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 WILL Take Your Business to NEW Heights!
Marketing by Majestic is an advertising, marketing and publicity firm with the SOUL purpose of helping small businesses do BIG things. Our goal is to level the playing field for entrepreneurs and small business owners by giving them access to the BIG firm creative process at an investment level that is comfortable to all. If it is CREATIVE, we do it; from SEO, SEM and managing your social media marketing to knock-your-socks-off websites and identity packages. Need direct mail?  We can do that, too including saving you 40-70% on your print. We are PASSIONATE and ENTHUSIASTIC and believe to our very core that, as Einstein suggested, “creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Here are a few of the marketing services we offer.  Click HERE to see a complete list of everything we do
Inbound Marketing
Inbound marketing is a technique to attract customers to your products and services via original content.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
No digital marketing strategy would be complete without employing Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search engine optimization (SEO) starts with knowing where you currently stand; only then can you determine where you want to be.
Social Media Management (SMM)
Both organic and paid social media techniques are essential to delivering content to your target audience and an overall successful marketing campaign.
Website Design & Management
We start with your marketing goals, add award-winning design and stellar content and the end result is a sensational website that works well on all devices.
Printing Services
If it has ink on it we can print it.  From Business Cards to Yard Signs and everything in between.  We save our clients 40-70% on printed products.
Our C3 Marketing System
Our C3 Marketing System incorporates Continuity, Consistency and Creativity to ensure our clients benefit from a common sense approach to their overall marketing strategy.  While these elements may seem basic, it is surprising how many marketing plans leave them out. Our C3 Marketing System reminds us not to over complicate our process, and, sometimes, keeping things simple is the right thing to do.